Personal training sessions are a great way for individuals to embark upon a new challange and move at a pace that complements their way of life.

With the ever increasing demand for deadlines to be met at work, study and day to day family commitments, we as a nation have very little time for ourselves. 

The key to longevity and improved health is to identify the need for change. Making a conscious decision to commit to a new you involves sourcing time in your schedule that will allow for a "physical upgrade".

Dwain often meets people along his travels who relate stories of how fast they were in school. The reasons for not continuing in sport all ring the same bell... "I had kids, I started smoking, I got a job, I got injured... but you know what, I absolutely loved sport when I was younger."

The beauty behind the style of sessions that Dwain provides are based on what we all once loved and experienced many moons ago. Building a programme structured around good memories allows for greater understanding for the tasks at hand and increases the chance of goals being achieved.


Dwain Personally delivers the following packages:

121 sessions: It's all about you! No egos, no hidden agendas and no need to feel intimidated by other people watching or working out at a pace that makes you feel uncomfortable, this is your world! When you're happy on the inside you'll feel amazing on the outside, when you're happy on the outside it will show in your personality, and those around you will naturally gravitate towards you. Happiness builds confidence, confidence builds happiness, the combination of the two supports the growth of core strength and physical durability.

121+1 sessions: For those who enjoy working alongside a friend or colleague, this will be a viable option to consider. The structure of the session will be similar to a 1:1 session but differ in the set up. In order to achieve your goals you will have to work together as a pair and push, motivate and share each others pain and enjoyment as we work together to build a new you. 

Group sessions: For an all over workout that targets your cardio, core ,legs, tums and bums, then a session of compound intensity will be right up your alley. We'll start with general mobility routines that establish core strength and enable you to move your own body weight. As the weeks progress and your strength improves we will incorporate the use of various pieces of resistance and athletic equipment and focus on giving you a body that you will want to show off!