We make decisions every day based on how we feel we should prepare for a sporting event. 

The principles surrounding a sportspersons ability to perform boils down to what they want to achieve and how they feel they can obtain their goals.

Incubate Communication Effectively:

The ICE approach to training is simple

Listen to the athlete as what they say is key to the development of confidence and continued progression.

Watch their body language. Sportspeople are driven by the want for more. At times doing less is best as we all to often ignore what our bodies say and make decisions based on our mental approach. 

Both coach/trainer and athlete need to keep their eyes on the prize. With new targets bring forth new obstacles. Staying on the same page and maintaining an open book of communication helps maintain a clear path for adjustments to be made.

Base your understanding of your desired training programme on what you've learnt from your studies but most importantly structure your programme on the feedback from the athlete.

Training programmes cover some of the following components:

  • Mental preparation
  • Confidence building
  • Sport specific drills and skills
  • Explosive strength
  • Dynamic mobility
  • General strength and fitness conditioning
  • Explosive speed training
  • Agility